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This is The Dark½ gang garrison 2 clan. Our tag is [Dark½] which is put before your name. (note that once your in the clan and past the test, I will tell you how to get the tag.
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 Welcome to the clan

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PostSubject: Welcome to the clan   Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:32 am

Smile WELCOME! This is The Dark½ clan. It is totally fine if your can't be very active.
There is only 1 test that you need to pass to be in the clan. If you would like to see who's in the clan, go to the clan members forum. If you would like to join you should be relatively good. you can schedule a test date anytime between 5:30 - 9:30.
You should notify of your test at least 1 hour early if you can.

Application: (copy layout below and submit with data to join)

(In game name):

(Contact info, email or messenger):

(Time Zone):

(Time of test):

(Role; Gfxer, Map maker, Player, or your own role idea):

(Best class):

(OPTIONAL:Any other info you want to include):

Note: This site still is under quite a bit of construction Neutral

Clan logo/banner:

Note: that clan tag is changed to Dark/ due to the fact you can't make a ½ in GG2 for names.
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Welcome to the clan
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